OCM Recycle provides electronics recycling in the Tampa area to dispose e waste and offer on-site methods for data destruction


Did you know...80%-85% of all electronic items wind up in a landfill? And that e-Waste represents 2% of landfill rubbish, but accounts for 70% of toxic waste? OCM electronic Recycling of Tampa is trying to change this!


At OCM, we collect and recycle electronic materials that would normally be found in an office, both professional and home. OCM in Tampa will also come to wherever you are and collect your electronic material while making sure everything complies with state disposal guidelines. We know that the world is going to progress with the rise of new technology and we just want to be apart of a future where the earth is still a viable and beautiful place. We want to provide a service that people will want to use, will want to talk about, and will want to support.

OCM Recycle gives the movement to “go green” a new and bright face, so why not see what we are about? If you have electronic material that you want to see recycled or destroyed, reach out to OCM in Tampa today to schedule a pick up or onsite destruction appointment. In this case, the grass really is greener on the other side, and you can help OCM Recycle to keep the grass growing, by recycling or destroying your unwanted electronics. Reach out to us today. Our services are also available to the communities of Sarasota, Orlando, and Lakeland.

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