Hard Drive and Media Shredding

OCM Recycle specializes in hard drive and media shredding in Tampa. We know that the potential leak of sensitive information can be stressful to worry about, so we guarantee the complete destruction and disposal of your hard drive or media. We’ve perfected the process for hard drive and media destruction and data wiping in Tampa, disassembling and shredding the drive or media beyond repair, so you can have peace of mind that nothing will get out that isn’t supposed to. Many people think simply destroying a hard drive will do the trick, but with our services your hard drive will go through a series of cutters that will render your media inaccessible. You cannot guarantee complete hard drive destruction simply by drilling some holes in it or running it over with your car as not all the tracks will be severed. OCM Recycle recommends disc shredding as the only sure way to guarantee your hard drive is completely disposed of.

Not only will we make sure your sensitive material is safe, we now offer on-site destruction services to any facility in Florida. There are precautions to take as the materials being destroyed can be toxic to you as well as the environment, so we always suggest working with us to destroy your hard drives and other types of media. You can observe one of our Tampa hard drive destruction professionals put your information through our mobile hard drive punch, which will erase all information and render the drive unusable.


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